Jun 30 2015 – Leap Second (Reblog from The Science Geek)

Happy Leap Second Day, everyone! Here’s hoping our computers don’t freak out ūüôā

Explaining Science

On June 30 2015 an extra second will be inserted into the very end of the day. This extra second is called a leap second.

Leap Second

Why do we need leap seconds?

Although we take the average length of¬†a day to be 24 hours, the mean solar day, or average ‚Äúnatural‚ÄĚ day measured by the Earth‚Äôs rotation is now slightly longer than this. This is actually¬†due to the slowing of the Earth‚Äôs rotation. ¬†See Note 1.¬†At this present time, in the early 21st century, it is actually around 24 hours 0.001 seconds. So, to bring the day measured by accurate atomic clocks in line with the natural day, a leap second needs to be added approximately every 1,000 days.¬†These leap seconds have¬†always been added at the end of the day on June 30 or December 31. The previous one was added on June 30 2012.

Problems with…

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In Which I am a Tear-Caked Mess

I had plans today.

I was going to go to the store to buy some groceries and things I need for this week.

I was going to take a walk.  Play some Ingress to replenish my inventory and get back all the keys I burned before the Anomaly.

I was going to work on some of the blog posts I have sitting in my Drafts folder. ¬†Maybe write some short fiction for another creative¬†project I’m working on.

But no.

Despite a stormy morning, this afternoon has been bright and sunny.  My emotional state, however, reflects the reverse.

I had a good day at work today. ¬†Got a lot of things done, listened to some fun podcasts while I did them. ¬†But right before I left for home, my boss asked to speak with me. ¬†He has done this on a few previous occasions. ¬†I’m a shy introvert and tend to keep to myself, so he often pulls me aside to ask how things are going. ¬†He complimented my work and told me that I was continuing to do a great job. ¬†But then he brought up his concerns about my social disposition.

Although I’m a shy person, I’m really quite friendly. ¬†I love people. ¬†My boss said that he knew that much to be true. ¬†But as he went on, it was clear to me that he felt that my reserved nature was coming off as being aloof and unapproachable.

I don’t know if my other co-workers see it that way. ¬†I’ve tossed jokes around with them and am always talking with my direct supervisor. ¬†But the point of the matter is, my boss believes that my other co-workers see it that way.

As I listened to him appraise my social interactions (or lack thereof) with my co-workers, my emotions ran from indignant to ashamed.

This is all pointless, I thought to myself. ¬†This is obviously just another example of the¬†extrovert-bias¬†in our society. ¬†I am who I am and I can’t change that. ¬†I’m doing all that I can to be nice to others; I can’t flip a switch and become¬†outgoing and thoroughly affable.

But as I began to view myself through his eyes, I could see how my actions could be misconstrued.

Maybe I am anti-social. ¬†I could definitely work on being more open. ¬†This is the same problem I’ve had all my life. ¬†I need to change if I want to be a successful member of this company, and of society as a whole.

I knew it was probably unprofessional to cry in front of my boss. ¬†But sometimes these things can’t be helped.

He apologized and said he didn’t mean to make me cry. ¬†I apologized and said it wasn’t him; it was my own self-criticism and social anxiety. ¬†He promised he just wanted to help me. ¬†I promised I would work on being more open.

Though I snuffled through the last few minutes of our conversation, my face caked with tears, we ended on good terms and gave each other a hug before parting ways.

I let it all out on the drive home.  As someone who usually keeps her emotions bottled up inside, it felt good to cry it all out.  I let out a few wailing sobs to the open farmland as I drove by.  The release felt good as I channeled all my frustrations into each bawl.  I cried so hard that I could feel all the nerves in my belly, ears, and arms.  It was that tingling sensation like they had fallen asleep, but instead, they were screaming along with me.

I had plans today.

I was going to go to the store.  I was going to take a walk.  I was going to write.

But instead, I’m just going to curl up on my bed, throw on my headphones, and try to drown out the world with some music or by watching some mindless movie.

Most of the time, I’m fine with being an introvert. ¬†I’ve come to terms with who I am and how I interact with the world. ¬†But some days… some days I feel like I’m broken, like there’s something wrong with me, like I don’t fit in with the rest of those world. ¬†On those days, I hate who I am.

Today’s one of those days.


Musical Monday/Coffee Time with Wise the Simple

Hello, friends! ¬†Hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day with loved ones. ¬†Sorry that I’ve been AFK for awhile. ¬†While I drink my morning coffee, here are a few things that have¬†been happening on my side of the blogosphere:

  • I was sick for a few days last week. ¬†I used to never really get sick, but lately my body has been doing this thing where I have a cold for two days and then a lingering cough for weeks. ¬†Not cool, respiratory system…
  • A large portion of my week was dedicated to Ingress. ¬†You see, this past Saturday was the Persepolis Anomaly event in Milwaukee, WI. So this week was dedicated to “farming,” i.e. Hacking high level portals to stock up on inventory for the big battle. ¬†I’ll write up a post about the event to be published some time in the near future. ¬†I currently have a backlog of quite a few posts I have promised you in days long past, but I’m on an Ingress high, so this one will likely come out soonish.
  • I, along with the rest of the entire human population, saw Jurassic World on its opening weekend. ¬†It was enjoyable. ¬†Good, even. ¬†Sure it had story problems and a lot of flaws in character development, but it was still fun. ¬†I wasn’t let down by it or anything — it was exactly how I imagined it would turn out. ¬†All in all, not a great film, but not a horribly bad one either. ¬†It’s an entertaining flick meant to be a popcorn movie and nothing more.
  • Father’s Day was a laid-back affair at the Simple household this year. ¬†We had a cookout, watched some movies and the U.S. Open golf tournament, and just hung out together. ¬†Sometimes big celebrations aren’t necessary — sometimes playing fetch with the family dogs, eating ice cream, and simply chatting to catch up are the elements needed for a great summer day.

And now for¬†some good music to start your week off right — ¬†Jamie Cullum is a jazz-pop pianist and singer-songwriter. ¬†I had the good fortune to see him live in Chicago a few years back, and he is not only an incredible musician, but an amazing performer as well! ¬†Here he is performing a cover of Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” at Jazz √† Vienne in 2014:

A sense8 Binge-Watch and Blog-Along (Part Four: Eps 10-12)

Welcome to the final installment of the¬†sense8 Binge-Watch and Blog-Along! ¬†This blog post will cover episodes 10-12 of the new Netflix series. ¬†Fair warning, it’s a long one! ¬†You can find reviews of previous¬†episodes in Part One,¬†Part Two, and Part Three. ¬†This Blog-Along will also be followed by an overall Season 1 Review. ¬†Stay tuned!

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A sense8 Binge-Watch and Blog-Along (Part Two: Eps 4-6)

Welcome to the sense8 Binge-Watch and Blog-Along Part Two! ¬†This blog post will cover episodes 4-6 of the new Netflix series. ¬†You can find reviews of the first three episodes in Part One. ¬†Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

Miguel √Āngel Silvestre as Lito (via IGN) (Get it? ¬†‘Cuz I said “jump right on in”… He’s jumping! ¬†…I’ll stop¬†now.)

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A sense8 Binge-Watch and Blog-Along (Part One: Eps 1-3)

sense8 is¬†a new show created by Lana and Andy¬†Wachowski (The Matrix Trilogy, Jupiter Ascending, and the film adaptations of V for Vendetta, Speed Racer, and Cloud Atlas) and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, The Amazing Spider-Man comics, and various other comic titles). ¬†All 12 episodes were released on Netflix today, so I thought I’d do a “binge-watch and blog-along.” ¬†What does that mean exactly? ¬†Well,¬†I will watch the show and¬†type up my reactions immediately after watching each episode. ¬†So theoretically, we’ll see how my thoughts about the show change throughout this post. ¬†This may be interesting, or it may be a total disaster. ¬†Either way, there will obviously be spoilers ahead!¬† This first post will include reviews and reactions to the first three episodes. ¬†So without any further ado, on to Wise the Simple’s first ever Binge-Watch and Blog-Along!! Continue reading