About Me

Wise the Simple is a twenty-something living in the Midwestern US of A, still finding her way through this e’er-winding hedge maze we call “life.”

A follower of Jesus Christ, this young woman knows that she is nothing without His grace, and will do everything she can to bring honor and praise to His name.

She is also queer and #faithfullyLGBT.  She is passionate about building bridges and showing the world that one’s faith doesn’t invalidate one’s sexuality, nor vice-versa.

Wise the Simple is a biotechnologist by day and a fervent daydreamer by… er, also day.  She spends her free-time consuming all sorts of media — books, television, board/video games, music, and movies — with the ravenous intensity of a true geek.

She thanks you, dear reader, for putting up with her silly blog posts as she waxes alternately poetic and frenetic, and hopes you’ll enjoy your time here.

Soli Deo Gloria.



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