A sense8 Binge-Watch and Blog-Along (Part Three: Eps 7-9)

Welcome to the sense8 Binge-Watch and Blog-Along Part Three!  This blog post will cover episodes 7-9 of the new Netflix series.  You can find reviews of previous episodes in Part One and Part Two.

Tina Desai and Max Riemelt as Kala and Wolfgang (via indiewire)

Episode 7 – W. W. N. Double D?
Wow.  Things went down in this episode!  Let’s unpack it via each member of the cluster, from the more mundane plotlines to the most game-changing.

  1. While at temple, Kala was interrupted by a visit from Wolfgang.  The two shared a nice conversation, as well as an almost-kiss.
  2. Sun arrived at the prison and met the other female inmates who revealed that they feel free from male oppression within the jail walls.  She also witnessed some bullying, and I have a feeling that she will be teaching that lady some manners — Spirit of JCVD-style.
  3. Riley went home to Iceland (Sidenote: that scene with Capheus in the plane — adorable!) and to see her father.  While all seemed well, now that she had escaped the troubles in London, there was a brief flash of a woman saying “You shouldn’t have come back.”  Ominous!  (Do we know happened to Riley’s mother?  Maybe she was/is a sensate?)
  4. Deshawn, the boy whom Will brought to the ER, took the cop to see the man who could help with the investigation into what happened on the night Angel died.  Through this uneasy alliance, Will saw pictures of the men taking Angel’s body, including the white-haired leader who appeared in the first episode.
  5. Capheus continued taking Silas’ daughter to get her leukemia treatments.  We saw a flashback that further explored his mother’s love and willingness to do anything for him.  This was then paralleled with Silas’ assertions.  After declaring that he would do anything for his daughter (and confirming that Capheus would do the same for his mother), Silas proceeded to chop the hands off of a man who had done him wrong.  Yikes.
  6. After a successful night out with Daniela and Hernando, Lito was again confronted by Joaquin.  While the trio was able to kick him out without anyone getting hurt, they soon found that Joaquin had taken Daniela’s phone, and with it, photos of Lito and Hernando having sex.
  7. Wolfgang spent some time with Kala, only to be interrupted right before they kiss.  Later, Felix aired his concerns that something was wrong, as he couldn’t get a hold of their buyer.  As he packed his bags and tried to convince Wolfgang to let him tag-along on his trip out-of-country, Felix was shot in a drive-by by Wolfgang’s cousin, Steiner.  This was our first major death of the season, and a truly sad one at that.  Poor Felix, we hardly knew ye!
  8. Nomi and Amanita channeled Nancy Drew as they tried to gain information about Dr. Metzger and his associates.  Everything went sideways, however, as they realized that Dr. Metzger was just a pawn in someone else’s game.  Jonas appeared and warned Nomi about the white-haired leader, who we now know is called “Whispers.”  So, from the first episode, I assumed that Whispers, Angelica, and Jonas were all sensates from the same cluster.  It looks like Metzger’s lobotomy and operation somehow allows Whispers to control the body of the now-braindead person (former sensate?).  Terrifying!

I’m glad that the show is back in high gear after the slow pace of the past few episodes.  Hopefully we’re in for more information about Whispers and the other sensates in the upcoming episodes!

Doona Bae as Sun (via The Atlantic)

Episode 8 – We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts
Good news: Felix is not dead, as I previously thought.  He’s just in critical condition.
Bad news: Kala’s soon-to-be father-in-law was just brutally stabbed by a mob in the temple. (I gasped/squealed in horror as it happened. Took me completely by surprise.)

Bad news: Sun got into a fight and was placed in solitary confinement.
Good news: By protecting one of the women from a gang of bullies, she made new friends and allies.

Good news: Daniela was able to retrieve her phone and stop Joaquin from blackmailing Lito.
Bad news: Because Lito selfishly protected his own career at the expense of Daniela’s well-being, Hernando broke up with him.

Good news: Will and Riley spent some time together, showing one another their respective homes, and then kissed. (D’awww!)
Bad news: Will was suspended for disregarding orders by looking into the federal case on Jonas.

Bad news: Whispers (aka Dr. Friedmann of the Biologic Preservation Organization) showed up at Amanita’s mother’s house to take Nomi away
Good news: Nomi successfully escaped with the help of Sun’s martial arts, Will’s police knowledge, and Capheus’ driving skills. (An altogether awesome scene! There is so much potential in the cluster using each other’s abilities, and the moments we’ve had so far have been amazing.)

Good news: Capheus’ mother was doing well, and Capheus decided to leave Silas’ employment and revive the Van Damn.
Bad news: The Superpower gang members showed up at Capheus’ house. They demanded he deliver Silas’ daughter to them in exchange for his mother’s safety.

Aml Ameen and Tuppence Middleton as Capheus and Riley (via Vogue)

Episode 9 – Death Doesn’t Let You Say Goodbye
First things first, I was wrong again.  Kala’s future father-in-law didn’t die; he is also in critical condition.  I think it would’ve been more impactful if at least one of the attacks was fatal, but it seems as though “the powers that be” are afraid to make that leap.  Who knows, maybe Felix and/or Rajan’s father have big parts to play in the future.  I guess we’ll see!

This episode started off with a big info-dump.  It seems the mysterious woman who told Riley, “You shouldn’t have come back,” was the same woman a young Riley thought was a “hidden person.”  I had forgotten about that story, so it was good for them to bring it back.  It seems the woman (also a sensate) worked at BPO’s research facility and tried to protect/save any young sensates, including Riley.  Through a strange sensate-version of Telephone, there was a conversation between Jonas, Will, Riley, and the woman.  As the two older sensates recognized the bond between Will and Riley, they offered their thoughts on the matter — Jonas and Angelica believed that love between sensates is the purest form of love, while the woman described inter-cluster romance as “the worst kind of narcissism.”  (We also learned that the members of a cluster share a birthday.  Our eight protagonists?  They were all born on August 8th.  That’s 8/8.  A bit on the nose, don’t you think, show??)  When the woman learned that Will was talking to Jonas, she warned Riley to stay away from them.  She said that Jonas and Angel were collaborators who hunted other sensates.  From what we’ve seen so far, it is Whispers who is the hunter, while Jonas seems to want to help the new cluster.  But is it possible that Jonas could be playing the long con?

The two longer sequences in this episode involved heartfelt conversations between Lito and Nomi, and later, Capheus and Riley.  Both Lito and Riley were at a crossroads, and their fellow sensates offered comfort and advice through their own experiences.  We learned that Riley had a husband and daughter who both passed away, and that Capheus’ sister was given away since they could not provide food for her.  Nomi told a story about being bullied as a kid and how that’s when she decided to be true to who she was; whereas, at the end of the episode, Lito was still struggling with truly being himself to the point of being suicidal.

While episodes seven and eight had a lot of action and plot progression, this episode mainly focused on character development.  But unlike the plodding pace that often hindered the show in the past, the backstory and further exploration of our characters did not feel as bogged down in this particular episode.  As we are now three-fourths of the way through the season, it makes sense that our characters are enduring changes and hardships.  Hopefully it will all pay off in the next episodes as we head towards the finish line.

Thanks for joining me in Part Three of the sense8 Binge-Watch and Blog-Along!  Coming soon: reviews and reactions to episodes 10-12.

‘Til next time — If this were CSI, I’d be hooked…

Disclaimer: All images and videos shown belong to Netflix, the use of which have not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This blog post is for non-commercial criticism and comment purposes only. I believe that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of the copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law.


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