A Thrilling podcast review from a normal human blogger

Hi, all my buddies!!!

It’s totally me – Wise the Simple!  Definitely not a strikingly beautiful, super clever spy from glorious Jupiter.

Hey, here’s a fun idea: how ‘bout you head on down to the comments and just, like, tell me all your secrets?  That’s totally something a normal blogger would suggest, right?  ‘Cuz that’s what I am, buddies!  A normal human blogger who’s obviously not, like, a shape-shifting Jupiter spy or anything.

So you take a mo and think of all your secrets.  (Take your time, take your time.)  And while you do that, I’ll let you know about this super cool podcast I’ve been listening to.  Ready?


(Puts on announcer voice) Kids, shine your astro-spurs and set your radio’s dial to “spooky”, ‘cuz it’s time for a review of…

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