A Night of Stickers & Discs: Unboxing “Catacombs”


Catacombs is a dexterity game in the style of a standard dungeon crawler.  The twist is that in order to move your heroes and have encounters with monstrous foes, you do so by flicking wooden discs.  The game was a surprise hit with tabletop gamers, and sold out several printings following its 2010 release.  In a desire to create an improved, definitive version of the game, publisher Elzra Corp (formerly Sands of Time Games) successfully funded the Third Edition via Kickstarter last year.  This overhauled edition has new artwork, an updated rule system, and better quality components.

…and my copy just came in the mail yesterday!

Here are some unboxing pictures to highlight some the game’s contents and to offer up a glimpse of my evening spent affixing stickers to wooden discs.   Continue reading

Musical Monday/Happy Labo(u)r Day

Happy Labor Day to my fellow Americans and a Happy Labour Day to our Canadian neighbors!  Hope you all have an enjoyable day today!  To start off your free day, here’s some music from a new obsession of mine, Run River North:

Run River North, formerly known as Monsters Calling Home, is an indie folk rock/pop band from Southern California.  The group is comprised of Daniel Chae (vocals, strings), John Chong (vocals, drums), Joe Chun (vocals, bass), Alex Hwang (lead vocals, guitar), Sally Kang (vocals, strings), and Jennifer Rim (strings).

The LA-based, Korean-American sextet has a great sound.  I would liken them to fellow indie folk artists Of Monsters and Men or The Head and the Heart.  The band’s line-up of multiple vocalists allows them to create lush harmonies that create a beautiful wall of sound behind lead singer Alex Hwang.

In addition to their musical style, I was initially drawn to Run River North by their poetic lyrics.  The band members come from a Christian background, and many of their lyrics are tinged with biblical allusions and spiritual metaphors.  As evident by some of the other bands I’ve highlighted on the blog, I really appreciate musicians who are willing to be upfront about their faith without giving up their own artistic integrity, and Run River North does a great job finding that balance.

As an Asian-American Christian with a love for indie folk music, Run River North is right up my alley.  But even if I wasn’t either of those things, I would definitely still be a fan.  With a rich musical sound, poetic lyrics, and a great group of talent, there is certainly much to be enjoyed from this terrific band.