I wrote this poem a few years back while I was in college. It sprouted from an initial concept I had for an allegorical short story, but slowly moved from prose to verse. The first version of this poem had another stanza that ended on a more upbeat note where things turned around, but it felt out-of-place and insincere. I realized that not everything has to be tied up in a neat little bow. Because life certainly isn’t. Sometimes we have to ride out some storms to see the rainbows. It’s sometimes hard to accept, but I can be a mess, and am definitely a work-in-progress.

Sorry that this is all a bit of a downer; I’ll try to have something happier/more positive to post on Thursday!


A mirror is all I ever want,
a reflection of my face.
To write my life in ballpoint pen;
No guilt, no need to erase.

My eyes are glued to a face of glass
that bends in changing light.
I should instead look towards the sun
and blinded, receive sight.

I try and cast the mirror away;
It shatters in the dirt.
But I crawl back to claim the shards,
as if they could cure my hurt.

I clench my hand around the glass,
blood oozing from my skin.
Small broken pieces of my soul –
reflections of my sins.

I am enslaved by this old mirror,
this need to just see me.
Though a shard of glass may bring me pain,
I cling to it stubbornly.

Some simple cinquains

Happy Thursday, blog friends!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week. Mine has been pretty busy; so in lieu of a more substantial blog post today, I’ve got some photos and poetry for you.


Hiking in Chile

Temuco, Chile

Almost there

So much
To do; I work
Take one step at a time
Climbing and striving towards the end
I can

Door County Sunset

Door County, Wisconsin


Orange, purple
Streaks painted in the sky
Slowly fading. Dimming to black.
Look! Stars!

V is for Vibrancy


I live my life through shades of gray,
A mellow, melancholic maze,
Hiding just beneath the surface,
Enshrouded in a fearful haze.

This rainbow fills my eyes with wonder,
This world of hues so very bright!
I feel unworthy of a second glance,
So I hide myself from sight.

Brilliant colors all around;
They glow, they laugh, they fly!
They paint the world with vibrancy;
I ask myself — could I?