A Night of Stickers & Discs: Unboxing “Catacombs”


Catacombs is a dexterity game in the style of a standard dungeon crawler.  The twist is that in order to move your heroes and have encounters with monstrous foes, you do so by flicking wooden discs.  The game was a surprise hit with tabletop gamers, and sold out several printings following its 2010 release.  In a desire to create an improved, definitive version of the game, publisher Elzra Corp (formerly Sands of Time Games) successfully funded the Third Edition via Kickstarter last year.  This overhauled edition has new artwork, an updated rule system, and better quality components.

…and my copy just came in the mail yesterday!

Here are some unboxing pictures to highlight some the game’s contents and to offer up a glimpse of my evening spent affixing stickers to wooden discs.  Unfortunately, in my excitement and haste to get to work on the stickers, I forgot to take pictures of the other components such as the boards, player mats, etc.  Whoops!  I’ll be sure to include them in a future review/game session report.  Until then, please enjoy these photos for what they’re worth…


Catacombs base game (Third Edition), Cavern of Soloth expansion, and Crypt of Shaurath (Kickstarter exclusives)




A rainbow of discs (and one cube)


I was so scared I would put a sticker on the wrong disc, so I double, nay, triple checked that I had the correct number of each color and size. Thankfully Elzra provided clear instructions for everything, and it all went rather smoothly!



Base game discs (and Gelatinous Cube!) all stickered up

I got the base game done in a few hours, and soon moved on to the Cavern of Soloth expansion.


Cavern of Soloth expansion box contents


Stickers affixed!

Because they’re a cool group of folks, the good people at Elzra decided to put all the bonus Kickstarter material in its own box: Crypt of Shaurath.



A terrible picture of the Kickstarter content

Upon opening the Crypt of Shaurath box, I realized that I was stickered out and decided to stop for the night.  This fuzzy picture should serve as a fitting representation of my state of mind by that point.

At any rate, the Kickstarter content includes an extra board, cloth bags for the discs, and of course, more discs and cards.  In addition to the bonus Kickstarter content, I also got the two add-ons: Chicks in a Catacomb (which introduces four more female hero options) and Zombie Horde (which offers some new monsters).

I’ll make sure to get a better picture of the Kickstarter content and of the game boards/player mats/cards when I’ve finished organizing and affixing stickers to everything.  I hope to get Catacombs to the table soon, so I’ll try to include those pictures with the review/game session report.

I’ve heard nothing but great things about this game, and the components and artwork look amazing.  Can’t wait until I get to explore these Catacombs!

4 thoughts on “A Night of Stickers & Discs: Unboxing “Catacombs”

    • Oh yeah, the box is *massive.* I was even able to put the Soloth expansion box *inside* the base game box! (Pic:

      I actually have all the extra Kickstarter stuff still in the separate box since I haven’t played with them yet, but those should all fit in too. There seems to be plenty of room for expansions/sleeved cards/inserts.


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