Merry Christmas, Everyone!!

Hope you have a wonderful time with you and yours this holiday season! ūüôā


Musical Monday/Coffee Time with Wise the Simple

Hello, friends! ¬†Hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day with loved ones. ¬†Sorry that I’ve been AFK for awhile. ¬†While I drink my morning coffee, here are a few things that have¬†been happening on my side of the blogosphere:

  • I was sick for a few days last week. ¬†I used to never really get sick, but lately my body has been doing this thing where I have a cold for two days and then a lingering cough for weeks. ¬†Not cool, respiratory system…
  • A large portion of my week was dedicated to Ingress. ¬†You see, this past Saturday was the Persepolis Anomaly event in Milwaukee, WI. So this week was dedicated to “farming,” i.e. Hacking high level portals to stock up on inventory for the big battle. ¬†I’ll write up a post about the event to be published some time in the near future. ¬†I currently have a backlog of quite a few posts I have promised you in days long past, but I’m on an Ingress high, so this one will likely come out soonish.
  • I, along with the rest of the entire human population, saw Jurassic World on its opening weekend. ¬†It was enjoyable. ¬†Good, even. ¬†Sure it had story problems and a lot of flaws in character development, but it was still fun. ¬†I wasn’t let down by it or anything — it was exactly how I imagined it would turn out. ¬†All in all, not a great film, but not a horribly bad one either. ¬†It’s an entertaining flick meant to be a popcorn movie and nothing more.
  • Father’s Day was a laid-back affair at the Simple household this year. ¬†We had a cookout, watched some movies and the U.S. Open golf tournament, and just hung out together. ¬†Sometimes big celebrations aren’t necessary — sometimes playing fetch with the family dogs, eating ice cream, and simply chatting to catch up are the elements needed for a great summer day.

And now for¬†some good music to start your week off right — ¬†Jamie Cullum is a jazz-pop pianist and singer-songwriter. ¬†I had the good fortune to see him live in Chicago a few years back, and he is not only an incredible musician, but an amazing performer as well! ¬†Here he is performing a cover of Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” at Jazz √† Vienne in 2014:


Musical Monday (Also, an apology and note on promises)

Eesh.  I am not good at keeping my promises, am I?  I feel like the majority of my posts lately have been me making promises and then me apologizing for breaking the aforementioned promise.

The post I alluded to last week¬†will now go up this Thursday. ¬†It’s taking me a lot longer to work it into what I want it to be. ¬†But I’ll try to have it done later this week (and will have a fun post tomorrow as well.)

I’ve come to realize that I need to stop making promises I cannot keep. ¬†I know it comes from a good place (in that I’m trying to force myself to keep to a blogging schedule), but I feel awful whenever I miss a deadline. ¬†So for now, no more promises. ¬†I intend to keep posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I’m going to stop with the incessant apology posts that I keep making every time I falter from the schedule.

I realize that this non-committal attitude is a terrible way to run a blog — “Mehh, blog posts will go up wheneverrrr…” ¬†But it’s kind of what I need to maintain my sanity right now as I juggle this and a handful of other creative endeavors. ¬†I just don’t want to disappoint, so I’ll set the bar incredibly low. ¬†Again, a terrible attitude. ¬†But it is what it is for now.

To try and make things up to you, I thought I’d¬†share¬†some awesome music to make your Monday a bit more exciting. ¬†So here’s a performance of “Stairway to Heaven” as performed by Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart and Jason Bonham in tribute to Led Zeppelin at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012:

Thanks for stopping by on our first Musical Monday.  Will this become a regular feature?

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