A Blogger With P.A.R.E.N.T.S. (A Movie Review with my Mom and Dad)

STATUS REPORT: Yesterday, at 1920 hours local time, my mom, dad, and I attended a screening of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. at a nearby movie theater. Our thoughts about the film are enclosed in the transcript below using the code names WISE THE SIMPLE, MOMZY, and POPSY. Read at your own risk.

Wise the Simple: So, what did you think?
Momzy: It was good! I liked it because it brought me back to the TV show.
Popsy: I liked it!
WTS: Yeah, I really, really liked it.
P: I’d give it a 4 out of 5. I went into it thinking, “Eh, it’s just gonna be a silly remake.” But it was really good!
WTS: Yeah! I was surprised by how much I liked it. I actually can’t think of anything that I didn’t like about the movie.
P: Me neither! I liked it better than the new Mission: Impossible.
WTS: Yeah, me too.
M: Oh, I liked M:I better.

We then went into sidebar discussion about the Mission: Impossible movies. We got back to the topic at hand when my dad brought up a particular scene he enjoyed in U.N.C.L.E.

Momzy: Oh, yeah, that was hilarious!
WTS: Haha, yeah, the humor in this movie was really great.
M: It’s that British humor.
WTS: Yeah, kinda. I think it’s more just a throwback to the TV show and stuff like that. It was light-hearted without being goofy. Both that scene and when [SPOILERS REDACTED] were both really well done. That kind of subtle, in the background humor. So great.
Popsy: Oh yeah, I liked that Italian music scene.
WTS: Yeah, the music in that scene was perfect. In the beginning it really played with the humor of the difference in tone, but then when [SPOILERS REDACTED], it ended up playing it straight and it went along well with the emotions of what was happening.
M: Did you notice the TV show theme on the radio?
P: Haha, yeah!
WTS: Oh really? Haha, that’s cool.  Actually, throughout the whole film, I was like, “Ooh, this soundtrack!” That jazz flute — so great! And then during the climax when they used the swiping splitscreen and it was just drums — perfect. Really well done soundtrack throughout.

(Memo to Self: Download this film soundtrack at earliest convenience.)

Popsy: The action was great too. There was one moment where I thought it was going to get boring, but it didn’t.
WTS: What part?
P: The chase scene.
WTS: Oh yeah. I thought it was great. Again, loved the drum-driven soundtrack throughout that part of the film. The cinematography was also really good in that scene.
P: I really liked Solo. He was really good and funny.
Momzy: Cavill? Yeah.
WTS: I was just telling Mom — before this movie I didn’t really like either of these actors in their previous roles. Just wasn’t a fan. But I thought they were both great in this.
P: Yeah.
M: I think it’s funny that in real life Henry Cavill is British and Armie Hammer is… is he American?
WTS: Yeah, I think so.
M: His accent slipped at times.
WTS: It wasn’t bad though. I thought he was good.
P: Yeah. I really liked Solo though.
M: I think it’s just because I really liked Kuryakin in the TV show.
P: David McCallum?
M: Yeah.
P: Who played Victoria? I could’ve sworn I’ve seen her in something before.
M: I don’t know.
WTS: Yeah, I don’t know either of the two main actresses, but they were both really great.

We then discussed roles of other actors, which I will not go into so as to avoid spoilers. I will, however, use this as an opportunity to proclaim on the record my continued love for Jared Harris in every role he plays, no matter how small.

WTS: Overall, I really liked it!
Popsy: Yeah.
Momzy: Me too!
Popsy: Looks like they’re setting it up for a sequel, huh?



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