J is for Jeopardy!

A: This television program created by Merv Griffin has aired on and off since the 1960s.

A: This game show has been hosted by Alex Trebek since 1984.

A: An IBM computer once won a tournament against two human champions in this game.

A: Wise the Simple’s family would watch this together ever day after she got home from school.

A: This game show instigated much competitiveness in the Simple household as family members raced to answer trivia in the form of a question.

A: Wise the Simple has had both a cousin and a college co-worker appear on this game show.

A: There have been several PC game iterations of this quiz show; all of which have been purchased and ranked by Wise the Simple’s family in order of most authentic gameplay experience.

A: Wise the Simple and her siblings have taken the online test in hopes of auditioning for this trivia contest, only to be humbled mid-test by how much they do not know.

A: Despite being a game show, this remains one of Wise the Simple’s favorite television programs of all time.

Q: What is “Jeopardy!”?


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